Our Philosophy

free to be tee shirts are an expression of passions, dreams and imagination. Each of us is free to do whatever we want to do, free to be whoever we want to be, free to take on any identity we choose.

A free to be tee shirt makes a statement about you.

Are you passionate about fresh air, taking part, being adventurous, having a go, feeling the adrenalin rush, then Activi-Tees are just the gear for you. Will you wear them when you are living the moment or when you are simply enjoying the dream? The choice is yours.

Or you may suspect there is more to life than meets the eye. You want people to understand the deeper, softer you, so you choose our Sereni-Tees. When you wear a Sereni-Tee you will show a new side to the world, the best part of yourself.

Perhaps you are someone who wants to make a statement about yourself, in a confident yet subtle way. You can express your pride in who you are with our Identi-Tees. Our Identi-Tees are not 'in your face' but still clearly make the statement we know you want to make.

We have lots of exciting, original designs in each of our categories, so enjoy choosing. If you don't find a design that says exactly what you want to express, let us know - it may be on our coming soon list.

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