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OK, do you want the marketing speak, or the truth? Well, I don't really know any marketing jargon, so I'll tell you the truth...

I started free to be because I live in tee shirts myself and couldn't find any that I really wanted to wear week after week.

I didn't know anything about clothing retail, or internet sales, I can't draw and I can't design web sites ...
... so enter other tee shirt wearing, highly skilled family and friends...
... let me explain ...

My name is Jill and I run the show. I had the original idea, I have the designs clearly in my head and I am very bossy.

Lesley is the artist who manages to take my garbled descriptions and put them onto paper, or, more accurately, onto computer screen. With the beginnings of artwork appearing, I hang over Lesley's shoulder and instruct. After a couple of hours of this Lesley assures me she has 'got the picture' and sends me off until it's finished. Then I'm allowed back into the studio to help with 'fine tuning'. The results, I hope you agree, are worth the constantly increasing strain on my long standing friendship with Lesley! If you need any artwork doing, you can contact Lesley on

Jamie, my nephew, is a whizz with computers, and, for the price of a few pints, found it in his heart to help out his Auntie! Hence the magnificent website that you see before you! I do believe that Jamie did a special rate for his favourite Aunt, but if you need a website I would certainly recommend him -

Heli is the Company Secretary, and has done a super woman job of keeping my feet on the ground and the company on the rails. Actually, it is due to Heli's efforts that free to be is now a reputable, successful, organised company and not just another of my hairbrained ideas that never saw light. Thanks Heli!

So, there you have it. We have worked very hard to produce a line of tee shirts that we believe in and all love wearing. We have enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to see what the future brings. We are adding to our designs all the time, and very much hope you find some that you enjoy wearing as much as we do. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to seeing you all wearing your free to be tee shirts.

Enjoy and be yourself!

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